Services We Offer

  • Foundations

    • Conventional Shallow Foundations
    • Mat Foundations
    • Post-Tensioned Slabs on Ground
    • Deep Foundations
      • Drilled, Cast-In-Place Concrete Shafts
      • Helix Anchors
      • Driven Piles
  • Geotechnical Hazards

    • Landslides
    • Debris Flows
    • Seismic Hazards
      • Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading
      • Ridge Top Spreading

  • Hill Slope Construction

    • Cut / Fill Slopes
    • Subsurface Drainage
    • Deep Fills
    • Erosion Control

  • Retaining Walls

    • Gravity Walls
    • Cantilever Walls
    • Tied-Back Walls
    • Soil Nail Walls
    • Soldier Pile Walls
  • Surface Mining and Quarries

    • Rock Mechanics
    • Bench Design
    • Reclamation

  • Ground Improvement

    • Chemical Treatment
    • Pre-loading
    • Subsurface Drainage
    • Geosynthetics
    • Overexcavation and Recompaction
    • Drainage

      • Subdrains
      • Retaining Wall Backdrains
      • Percolation Testing

    • Pavements

      • Flexible
      • Rigid
      • Permeable Pavers
      • Non Permeable Pavers
    • Forensic Investigations

    • Laboratory Testing

Project Photos

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Conventional Shallow Foundations, Santa Cruz
Fill Slope Construction, Aptos
Deep Foundations, Santa Cruz
Density Testing, Capitola
Dewatering, Capitola
Erosion Protection, Santa Cruz
MSE Retaining Wall, Capitola
Rigid Pavement, Capitola
Rock Coring
Rock Coring, Santa Cruz
Rock Slope
Rock Slope Failure Analysis and Mitigation, Soquel
Rock Slope Stability
Rock Slope Stability, Big Sur
Soil Nail Retaining Wall
Soil Nail Retaining Wall, Aptos
Soil Nail Retaining Wall
Soil Nail Retaining Wall, Los Gatos Creek, San Jose
Soil Nail Retaining Wall, Los Gatos Creek, San Jose
Temporary and Permanet Shoring
Tie-Back Retaining Wall, Santa Cruz
Well and Treatment Plant, Soquel
Hillslope Construction, Aptos
Landslide Investigation, Santa Cruz
Quarry Bench Design, Soquel

About Us

Adrian L. Garner, PE, GE - Principal Engineer, CEO

Adrian Garner is the Principal Engineer for CMAG, and has provided geotechnical consulting services in the greater Bay Area for over 17 years to a variety of clients.

Mr. Garner specializes in geotechnical hazard evaluation and mitigation including landslides, debris flows, liquefaction, and ridge top shattering. His education and experience has provided him with a strong background in geology, strengthening the company’s ability to bridge the gap between the disciplines of geotechnics and geology.

In addition to designing foundation systems for geotechnical hazards, Mr. Garner routinely designs foundations for compressible, collapsible, and expansive soils. He has also designed drilled shaft, helix anchor, mat slab, and post-tensioned slab foundation systems.

Mr. Garner has performed hundreds of investigations for the geotechnical design of foundation systems, and has provided recommendations for ground improvement involving overexcavation and recompaction, lime treatment, and geosynthetics. He has prepared the geotechnical design for retaining walls on shallow and deep foundations, and formulated the geotechnical and structural design for soil nail walls and soldier pile retaining walls.

His geotechnical engineering services for rock and sand quarries include rock slope stability analysis for the quarry bench design. His projects have extended to residential, commercial, and public works for buildings, bridges, and roadways.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering, University of British Columbia - Geotechnical Option
  • Civil Engineer – California License No. 66087
  • Geotechnical Engineer - California License No. 2814
  • Member, ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)

James A. Olson, PG, CEG - Senior Engineering Geologist

Mr. Olson has practiced geology in Northern California for the past 18 years on a wide variety of projects for a diverse clientele.

He has extensive experience with infrastructure related projects, including pipelines, roadways and road repair, bridges, and water tank sites.

Typical projects include single family homes, commercial developments, schools, rock quarries and timber harvest plans, which require a wide range of expertise, including landslide identification and repair, slope stability analysis, faulting evaluation, seismic site assessment and occasionally coastal and other geologic hazards.

  • Master of Science in Earth Science, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Bachelor of Science in Earth Science, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Certified Engineering Geologist – California License No. 2267
  • Professional Geologist – California License No. 7244

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P.O. Box 640 Aptos, California 95001

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62 Hangar Way, Suite A

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